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Digital Banking & Payments Summit

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The scale and pace of changes is enormous and Poland slowly emerges as the leader of digital transformation in financial services. Dynamic technological development and skilful application of innovations serve both as assets in the fight for the Customer and means to satisfy all the Customer’s needs. Today, we’re witnessing a FinTech attack on the market. New products and services focusing on unique experiences are expected to lure the Customers. Investing in technologies and strategies based on digital solutions, omnichannels, BIG Data supported by the cloud, blockchain technology – all of them open up new possibilities for development and gaining competitive advantage.

During the 6TH DIGITAL BANKING AND PAYMENTS SUMMIT, in the company of practitioners, enthusiasts, and visionaries from Poland and abroad, we’ll be looking for the best ways to compete effectively and discuss with representatives of companies disrupting the existing order of the market. We’ll listen to inspirations shared by the Market Leaders, who create unforgettable user experience, provide the best payment systems as well as mobile applications and ensure cybersecurity. We’ll face the challenges and find practical answers, share experiences and inspire each other.






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  1. Customer Obsession as a response to the Customers’ individual needs
  2. Implementing innovative solutions – chasing competitors, or the Customer’s true needs?
  3. Digital bank as a tool for transforming a universal bank into a bank focused on the contemporary customer
  4. Using modern payment systems in e commerce and m commerce as a new area of business growth
  5. The potential of biometry in digital customer authentication
  6. The potential of consumer finance in retail
  7. Using blockchain technology in financial services
  8. Polish vs. European regulations – can the digital transformation be stopped?
  9. Effective cooperation with FinTechs and its influence on the development of banking and mobile payments in Poland – the development of accelerators
  10. The international expansion of Polish financial market solutions


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